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Collaboration ensures the smooth continuity of your loved one’s care.

Hospice care coordination involves the marshaling of various staff and resources to ensure the proper delivery of care. We take responsibility for putting together the right personnel and resources to give your loved one the care they need.

Doctor visiting elder patient at home

Through hospice care coordination, the following things are done:

  • The whole team meets with the patient, their family, and/or their caregiver to determine care priorities, daily routines, capabilities, cultural and religious expectations, and the level of assistance needed.
  • The attending physicians, RN, and medical director work together to assess your loved one’s condition and create a wellness program for managing symptoms and pain.
  • The hospice aide visits frequently to attend to your loved one’s personal care needs.
  • Spiritual counselors will give support and advice, and may even direct you to resources and services that you may utilize in the community.
  • Therapists and dietitians work to meet your loved one’s specific needs, helping them maintain their wellness in spite of their condition.
  • A hospice volunteer may be assigned to assist your loved one.
  • A bereavement counselor will support your family in the aftermath of your loved one’s passing. You may expect them to make follow-ups in the succeeding months.

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