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Ambulation and Mobility: Keys to Expedite Recovery


Has your loved one recently undergone surgery? If so, it’s time for them to start receiving thorough post-hospitalization care from a team of specialists to enhance their recovery.

At Beacon Hospice Care, we know what is needed to maintain our patients’ comfort and well-being following their stay in the hospital. We ensure that if they receive medical care, their improved health will not be hindered by any mobility issues brought on by an injury or surgery. So that they can heal more quickly, we might offer your loved one ambulation assistance.

In light of this, why is mobility essential, particularly following a hospital stay and while undergoing palliative care?

The ability to independently move from one place to another using assistive technology is known as ambulation. Walking is one of the most crucial exercises patients should perform after surgery to prevent postoperative complications.

Walking is a low-intensity exercise that is good for people who are recovering from hospitalization. It doesn’t need any extra tools and is the least harmful to the back and joints. Post-surgical ambulation has many benefits for all patients but is especially beneficial for elderly patients.

Some benefits of walking are maintaining proper respiratory processes while encouraging the body’s blood to flow with oxygen, and stimulating circulation, which could help prevent blood clots that can lead to strokes. Lastly, ambulation can help heal wounds and increase appetite.

With our nursing service in California, we can assist your loved one with all their needs to recover safely and thoroughly.

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