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Hospice Care: What if I feel guilty about choosing it?

For many family caregivers, the experience of attending to their loved one’s needs can extend up to the final days. So when the matter of selecting for hospice care in Ontario, California for their loved one comes up, they could feel guilty about the possibility. The common reason is that hospice care is often associated … Continue reading

Moving Forward as you Deal with Terminal Illness

Now that you have already learned about your terminal illness, the next best step to make is forward. As a provider of hospice care in Ontario, California, we recognize that the emotional battle of hearing about your diagnosis can be excruciating. However, the choice to live the rest of your days in joy and fulfillment … Continue reading

Coping with Having a Loved One with Terminal Condition

There are a few things that are worse than having a loved one with a terminal condition. This is a stressful, difficult, and emotional time for you and your entire family. However, through the services of a provider of hospice care in Ontario, California, you and your loved one can get the support you need. … Continue reading

Terminal Illness: Showing Your Support

As a trusted provider of hospice care in Ontario, California, we understand how a diagnosis of a terminal illness can be emotionally debilitating to the patient and their family. But you can still find strength from each other and be brave through this episode. This is what we have repeatedly witnessed in the lives of … Continue reading