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Terminal Illness: Showing Your Support

Terminal Illness: Showing Your Support

As a trusted provider of hospice care in Ontario, California, we understand how a diagnosis of a terminal illness can be emotionally debilitating to the patient and their family. But you can still find strength from each other and be brave through this episode. This is what we have repeatedly witnessed in the lives of clients we’ve been serving through the years.

Do you have a loved one recently diagnosed with a terminal condition? We hope that you will find the following insights helpful so that you can show your support empathically.

  • Treat Them Normally
    While there can be emotional struggles that enter in your relationship, you can choose to go above these emotions. Treat and interact with your loved one in the same way you did before they get diagnosed. In most cases, their primary needs haven’t changed and your steady presence can be very helpful for them to also cope.
  • Be Discerning of Their Emotional Journey
    Each person has a different way of facing their terminal condition. They may or may not be able to easily accept their diagnosis. Avoid forcing your own way of taking things. Let them go through their emotional journey in their own sacred way. With competent palliative care, they can be able to navigate this crucial stage smoothly while being able to have a quality life.
  • Be Present
    Let them know that you’re always there to listen to their concerns. Whenever you need to be out for a moment, let them know about it. Your physical presence is very therapeutic and comforting to them in ways that you may not be able to fully comprehend.
  • Know How to Handle a Denial
    When your loved one is in denial, recognize that this is their way of coping with their condition. However, do not waver in your show of support. Instead, encourage them to talk to you about what they fear about. If you sense that a professional counselor is necessary, contact for one immediately.

If your loved one needs trusted nursing service in California, our team at Beacon Hospice Care is ready to help you out.

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