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Hospice Care Can Improve Your Loved One’s Mental Health


Learning about serious illnesses or life-threatening diseases can increase a person’s risk for depression and anxiety. This is true for both the patient and their families. Due to this, Hospice Care in Ontario, California provides symptom management focus and improves the patient’s quality of life through comprehensive methods.

Beacon Hospice Care, as a provider of palliative care and professional hospice care, understands the best way to deal with the patient’s mental health care needs. Our team composed of medical practitioners and counselors, will assess your loved one’s condition, including their mental health needs, and create a wellness program to provide them the appropriate medical, emotional, and psychological support.

Our hospice care plan includes counseling and therapy options available to patients. A registered psychiatrist can provide a safe space to conduct counseling sessions with the patient and suggest possible alternative ways to improve their way of thinking about their condition and view of life. Through counseling, the patient can also learn how to express their thoughts and feelings and communicate them properly.

Aside from the patient, the family members will also be guided on how they can help improve their loved one’s mental health and quality of life as they interact and communicate with each other. Family members will also be assisted in preparing their selves for the situation of their loved ones.

Aside from mental and emotional support, our nursing service in California also provides the medical routine care duties that are needed by your loved ones as they undergo hospice care.

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