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Hospice Care: Ways to Address Sundowning

How to Start Talking About Hospice with Loved Ones

Due to dementia, the physical and mental faculties of many older adults change. That is why they often need hospice care in Ontario, California.

Family members may be able to handle the physical changes. But overseeing behavioral changes may be challenging. One of these is sundowning. Sundowning occurs when a person with dementia experiences increased anxiety and confusion. This often happens in the late afternoons to the early evenings.

To address sundowning, here are some tips you can use:

  • Schedule activities accordingly.

    A palliative care provider helps you identify which activities are good for your loved ones. Ideally, you should schedule physical activities in the mornings until the afternoons. This way, they will be able to spend their energy. They will also be less aggressive come night time.

  • Reduce noise and distractions in the late afternoons until night time.

    Too much noise and distractions only aggravate anxiety and confusion in dementia patients. Start minimizing them in the late afternoons. Go for low-stress activities during this time, such as playing soft music and reading.

  • Close all window blinders.

    Individuals with dementia often get confused about the time of day. So, try closing all blinders, so they will know that it’s already night time.

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