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Providing Support on a Spiritual Level to Patients in Hospice


For the most part, palliative care only involves assisting patients with a terminal illness with their medication and easing the pain or discomfort caused by their medical condition. It is not every day that we are reminded of the importance of addressing the spiritual side of dealing with the end-of-life. By spiritual, we don’t mean religion or any organized group. What we’re referring to is spirituality in its raw form, which is getting outside of the mind and body and acknowledging existence beyond the sensory.

Patients receiving hospice care in Ontario, California are often aware that they are entering the end stage of their lives. How they respond to this knowledge may vary, but it is still crucial to ensure that they meet their spiritual needs at this point. Here are a few ways you can help a loved one process evident and subconscious emotions, preparing them for a peaceful passing.

  • Allow terminally ill loved ones to share stories about their lives and encourage them to open up about the good and the bad.
  • When they share things they regret, ensure that they are validated and redirect the discussion to focusing on the present and forgiveness.
  • Engage them in conversations that can potentially lead to a discourse on fulfillment and identify how you can help them achieve it. If they need to ask for forgiveness, allow them. If they need to forgive others, enable them to.
  • Stay close to them to allow them to experience the warmth of the people they love the most.

Beacon Hospice Care is a leading provider of hospice or nursing service in California. We delve into all the facets of end-of-life, which includes offering support not only to our patients but also their families.

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