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Comforting Words to Say to a Terminally Ill Person

Comforting Words to Say to a Terminally Ill Person

The prospect of the end of life can be very difficult to handle. Yet, this is one of the expectations for someone who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Many terminally-ill patients even seek hospice care in Ontario, California. With hospice services, the patient’s family can have more time to spend with each other in the remaining days.

But are there any words you can say that will be comforting enough to someone with a terminal illness? We’re glad to say YES to that. Here are some reminders for you.

  • Say Nothing
    As ironic as it is, simply being silent in their presence is already a great comfort for the person with a terminal illness. If you’re struggling about what to say to your loved one who is receiving palliative care, try saying nothing at all.
  • Follow their Guide
    You will know what to say to your loved one in terminal illness when you let them take the lead. After all, they are the ones who are in the actual situation. When they tell you things that disturb them, then you can provide the right words that will be comforting.
  • No to Cookie-Cutter Messages
    Cookie-cutter messages are those clichés we like to tell someone to make them feel good about a situation. Let us avoid giving clichés to persons with terminal illnesses. Clichés make us sound insensitive or make patients feel bad about their situation.
  • Be Present
    For someone with a terminal illness, time becomes even more precious. If you want to say something that can comfort them, say it with your time. Pay them your full attention whenever you’re with them.
  • Discuss Hard Topics
    When you are very closely related with to the patient, you are in the best position to talk to them about the unavoidable end-of-life discussion. They will find comfort in these discussions knowing that you help them come to terms with the inevitable.

Are these tips helpful? At Beacon Hospice Care, we will be here to support you when you need nursing service in California.

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