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Hospice Services You Can Count On


When we discover the struggles that come with aging, we also start to question the future and stress ourselves for never knowing the answer. But what if I tell you that I can give you an answer? Beacon Hospice Care – a hospice care in Ontario, California. Now, let us learn the benefits of hospice care.

It provides exceptional care to patients with serious illnesses through counseling, palliative care, and practical support. For you to understand more about its significance, here is an introduction to the following services we offer:

  • Visiting hospice nurse

    We assure your loved ones are cared for and satisfied with our services. That is why we have reliable hospice nurses skilled at making follow-ups on routine care duties in their care plans. Hospice nurses understand the importance of medications, treatment, and documentation for our patient’s well-being.

  • Counseling

    Transitioning to life changes like losing a family member is heart-rending. That is why we provide assistance and empathy to help cope with grief through our developed bereavement support. It also includes assistance with arranging memorial services according to your religious affiliation, as we value the time you need for recovery.

  • Hospice care coordination

    Patients require diverse attention, so each facet is managed by the right person. To assure safety, we have the following: attending physicians, registered nurses, hospice aides, spiritual counselors, therapists, dietitians, hospice volunteers, and bereavement counselors.

Let us integrate skills and kindness to bring forth calmness, comfort, and contentment for your loved ones. If you need Nursing Service in California today, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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