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Simple Methods to Brighten a Hospice Routine


It is sometimes better to use natural and simple methods in conjunction with your senior’s disease-specific prescription, especially if they are getting hospice care. Therapists, lifestyle physicians, and other care service providers can help you achieve your goal by utilizing safe and effective methods to keep your loved one’s health at home.

The following are some holistic ways you can provide comfort for your loved ones while they are receiving hospice care in Ontario, California.

  • Aromatherapy and music therapy can help relieve stress and anxiety
    Your senior loved one may choose relaxing music and scents to relax and manage anxiety and tension. These can be used before bedtime or during meditation.
  • Massage treatment and health and wellness for better sleep
    It is recommended that you hire a professional caregiver to provide personal care for your loved one. Having spa and massage therapy sessions at their house would be ideal. Massage therapy has been found in studies to relieve muscle stiffness and pain. This can also be included in your loved one’s at-home palliative care.
  • Nutritional supplementation for increased energy and immunity
    We all require nutrition. Some nutrients have been shown to improve the immune system, mood, and sleep quality. As a result, we provide diet instruction as part of our care.
  • Help and guidance with mental health difficulties
    Conversations with a loved one may be enough to help them cope with loneliness. If you are unable to do so on a daily basis, you should consider hiring a companion from a reputable home care agency.

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