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Introducing Our Bereavement Support


Bereavement support is the assistance given to the grieving family members after the passing of their loved one to help them navigate their emotions and process their loss.

Along with palliative care, this type of support is especially important because processing a loss is always different for everyone. There are some who can cope a little more easily, while there are those who will take years to accept their loss.

That said, no matter how different, everyone can benefit from bereavement support, even those who had an easier transition.

This is something we know too well as a provider of hospice and nursing service in California at Beacon Hospice Care. That is why we provide this bereavement support along with our other care offerings.

In our facility, this is what our hospice care in Ontario, California may look like for you and your family:

  • Assistance with arranging memorial services
  • Chaplain services, in consideration of your specific religious affiliation
  • Access to public and private bereavement resources in the community
  • Counseling, assistance, and support in the grieving process
  • Education on dealing with bereavement and moving on after a loss

At the core of the service is an understanding of the grieving process. Thus, families who choose to receive bereavement support can expect compassion as they process their loss to come out of the experience with grace and a renewed sense of hope.

Know more about the service by getting in touch with us today. You may also go ahead and set an appointment with one of our representatives to create the ideal bereavement support arrangement for your family.

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