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Signs of Loved Ones Ready for Hospice Care


Aging is a natural process of life. However, the changes that come with aging can be overwhelming for a lot of seniors. This can be one reason why they don’t always speak up about what they truly feel.

Noticing our loved ones’ health declining can be both intimidating and worrisome. But the sooner we find professional help for them, the better they can cope and continue to live comfortably. There are many care services we can choose from such as home health, hospice, palliative care, etc.

As a provider of hospice care in Ontario, California, we’ve listed down some signs your loved one is ready for hospice.

  • Treatment is no longer working.

    There can be a time when aggressive treatment is no longer working for a terminal illness. But that does not mean that your loved one cannot achieve an improved quality of life. Hospice care, for instance, can help relieve symptoms rather than cure the illness.

  • Their level of function continues to decline.

    Your aging loved ones may no longer be able to do personal tasks such as grooming on their own anymore, or maybe their mobility is noticeably more limited. Hospice care can help with ADLs.

  • You are getting burnt out.

    As a primary caregiver, caring for a terminally ill loved one can come with a lot of responsibilities. With the demand for round-the-clock care, perhaps you may feel tired, anxious, or even burnt out. Hospice care can take care of the responsibilities for you.

If you are looking for quality hospice care, please call Beacon Hospice Care today. We also provide nursing service in California to tend to your loved one’s needs.

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