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Managing Pain: Patients and Families in Hospice Care

Patients under hospice care are battling chronic illnesses that are limiting their lifespan. The pain of a patient and their family is unfathomable suffering. Sometimes it can be unmanageable. As a provider of palliative care, we focus on the patient’s needs. We include pain management to treat their health issues. The first step is helping them cope with the chronic and persistent pain they are dealing with. We also remain to assist the families during and after bereavement.

In our hospice care in Ontario, California, we train our caregivers about the tips in pain management. That is why it is significant to know the ABCD and E:

  • Assess and ask the patient about the pain they are experiencing.
  • Believe the patient’s account of their pain description, never doubt.
  • Choose the most appropriate pain control options available to them.
  • Deliver the appropriate therapeutic intervention logically and timely in a well-coordinated manner.
  • Enable the patient and empower them to believe that they can control their pain.

This battle can be very emotional for the patient, their families, and especially the caregiver. Aside from the patient suffering the pain, their caregiver too can be affected. These caregivers know and understand what their patient is struggling with. Caregivers are the most affected if anything happens.

If you have loved ones who need hospice or palliative care, call Beacon Hospice Care. We have a line of care services for your ill loved one, from visiting hospice nurses, hospice care coordination, bereavement support, and other nursing service in California. A loved one with terminal illness deserves all the help and love to spend their remaining days in peace and comfort.

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