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The Difference Between Hospice Care and Palliative Care

Most people mistake hospice care and Palliative Care as being the same. Many think these care services have the same function and that palliative care is just another term for hospice care or vice versa. Thus, we want to help you know the differences between the two in various categories.

  • Treatment and comfort.

    The primary basis of hospice care is prioritizing the comfort of a patient and not focusing on the treatment. On the other hand, palliative care targets the patient’s comfort and care with or without a curative intervention.

  • Who are eligible or qualified.

    Hospice care is for terminally ill people or those who only have six months to live. Patients who can’t take care of themselves and no longer receive curative treatment are eligible for palliative care.

  • Care Setting.

    Hospice care is provided in a person’s home or nursing home, while palliative care is carried out in an institution like a hospital with various advanced facilities.

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