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Things a Visiting Hospice Nurse Can Help You With

Things a Visiting Hospice Nurse Can Help You With

Taking care of a terminally-ill loved one can take a physical and emotional toll on a family caregiver. Having someone who can help is important to ensure that the patient is in good hands and also to allow the family caregiver to have some rest. A visiting hospice nurse can help by providing the following services:

  • Medical assistance.
    Our nurses have undergone the required training and have passed the test to become registered nurses. With their medical knowledge and experience, a hospice nurse can make sure that your loved one is receiving the professional care that they need to get better.
  • Supplement care.
    A hospice care manager or your sick loved one’s physician will develop a personalized care plan to address their specific palliative care and assistance needs. Our visiting hospice nurses will provide the supplemental care they need while at home.
  • Follow-up duties.
    Our nursing service in California can provide follow-up care when your ailing family member has been discharged from the hospital. Our nurses can do follow-up routine duties such as checking blood pressure, administering medication, treating wounds, and documenting the patient’s vitals.

As a trusted provider of palliative and hospice care in Ontario, California, Beacon Hospice Care provides quality services such as visiting hospice nursing care, bereavement support, and hospice care coordination. All our services have one goal and that is to provide comfort to your ill family member in their final days.

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