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Being an Effective Hospice/Palliative Caregiver

Being an Effective Hospice/Palliative Caregiver

Rendering hospice or palliative care can be both physically and emotionally draining, especially for family caregivers. What was supposed to be a selfless task becomes a burden when the caregiver already experiences fatigue. But there are ways on how to prevent burnout when taking care of a terminally ill loved one. As an experienced provider of hospice care in Ontario, California, we offer the following tips for family caregivers to be more effective in their task without being burnt-out:

  • Condition your mind.
    Starting your day in a positive disposition can make a whole lot of difference in how the rest of the day plays out. As a family caregiver, remind yourself that you are doing palliative care out of love for your ill family member.
  • Learn basic medical skills.
    If you do not have a medical background, ask your sick loved one’s attending doctor on the proper handling of needed medical equipment, vitals monitoring, and medication administration, among others.
  • Empathize.
    Most terminally ill patients can no longer speak. So when you are taking care of them, it is important to put yourself in their shoes to have that initiative to respond to their needs even when they cannot communicate with you.
  • Take a break.
    To prevent burnout, it is important to take time off to recharge yourself and take care of your well-being. There are reliable care agencies that offer respite care services for when you are taking a break.

However, if the task is too heavy for you, you can always ask the help of our nursing service in California. Beacon Hospice Care offers palliative and hospice care services for your terminally ill loved ones.

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