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Ways to Promote Comfort for Loved Ones in Hospice Care


The main goal of Hospice Care providers is to promote comfort and wellness for terminally ill patients with a diagnosis of six months or less. They achieve this through non-medical services like personal care assistance, mobility assistance, meal preparation, and pain and symptom management assistance. But there are some things only the patient’s families can help achieve. Here are a few things families can consider to help promote comfort and positivity for a loved one in Hospice care or Palliative Care:

  • Enjoy Recreational Activities Together

    Hospice care does not take away identity or change who your loved ones use to be. If able, they would enjoy doing their hobbies or recreational activities together with their loved ones. Recreation is also a great way to promote positive feelings and relieve stress surrounding the whole situation.

  • Provide Entertainment

    Ask your loved ones if they have any preferred type of entertainment they would like to have on hand. For example, streaming devices, TVs, reading material, and even art materials. Being stuck at home or bedridden can often be boring and sometimes stressful.

  • Visit Them as Much as Possible

    Many studies show that socialization can help improve mood and reduce the risk of stress and anxiety. Visiting your loved ones often can help them cope with the situation a little better by promoting positivity and providing companionship.

These are just a few of the many things families can do to help promote comfort and positivity for their loved ones under hospice care. For hospice care assistance, we offer reliable Hospice Care in Ontario, California.

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