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Hospice Care Can Improve Your Loved One’s Mental Health

Learning about serious illnesses or life-threatening diseases can increase a person’s risk for depression and anxiety. This is true for both the patient and their families. Due to this, Hospice Care in Ontario, California provides symptom management focus and improves the patient’s quality of life through comprehensive methods. Beacon Hospice Care, as a provider of … Continue reading

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Benefits of Bereavement Support Services

Bereavement support is a program provided to family members who have lost a loved one. Grief is not easy to manage. That is why support services are provided to help them cope with the loss. It is important to have the right support during this difficult time. You don’t have to go through this alone. … Continue reading

How Can Palliative Care Benefit an Ailing Loved One?

Also known as comfort care, the goal of palliative care is to provide specialized medical care for patients living with serious illnesses. This type of care covers a broader scope than hospice care, and it can also last longer. It is more common for people who have been diagnosed with cancer or have suffered heart … Continue reading

Managing Pain: Patients and Families in Hospice Care

Patients under hospice care are battling chronic illnesses that are limiting their lifespan. The pain of a patient and their family is unfathomable suffering. Sometimes it can be unmanageable. As a provider of palliative care, we focus on the patient’s needs. We include pain management to treat their health issues. The first step is helping … Continue reading

The Difference Between Hospice Care and Palliative Care

Most people mistake hospice care and Palliative Care as being the same. Many think these care services have the same function and that palliative care is just another term for hospice care or vice versa. Thus, we want to help you know the differences between the two in various categories. Treatment and comfort. The primary … Continue reading

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How to Enhance the Quality of Life of Hospice Patients

Patients who have terminal illness need comfort, care, and compassion. That is why it is the duty of caregivers and their family members to prioritize in improving their quality life so will be comfortable despite during their final days. Here are some ways that you can do to enhance the quality of life of your … Continue reading