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Essential Tips to Communicate With Terminally Ill Patients

Initiating a conversation with terminally ill loved ones is not an easy feat. However, death is an event that we have to accept, no matter how much we dread the possibility. If you have loved ones who are terminally ill, now is the best time to communicate with them openly about death. How? Check out … Continue reading

Ways to Promote Comfort for Loved Ones in Hospice Care

The main goal of Hospice Care providers is to promote comfort and wellness for terminally ill patients with a diagnosis of six months or less. They achieve this through non-medical services like personal care assistance, mobility assistance, meal preparation, and pain and symptom management assistance. But there are some things only the patient’s families can … Continue reading

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What to Know About Pain Management for Hospice

Unfortunately, one of the things patients with terminal illness experience all too often, along with their condition, is severe and/or chronic pain. One of the goals of hospice care in Ontario, California, is to minimize pain and increase comfort in patients with terminal illnesses. While many patients can assess and talk about the pain levels … Continue reading

Providing Support on a Spiritual Level to Patients in Hospice

For the most part, palliative care only involves assisting patients with a terminal illness with their medication and easing the pain or discomfort caused by their medical condition. It is not every day that we are reminded of the importance of addressing the spiritual side of dealing with the end-of-life. By spiritual, we don’t mean … Continue reading

Support to Individuals Who Lost a Loved One

The grief support group at Beacon Hospice Care, the trusted Hospice Care in Ontario, California, offers a different quality of support and connection that comes from being with people who have also recently experienced a loss of a loved one. Our grief support groups provide emotional support to people who need it the most. If … Continue reading

Family Caregiver Mistake: Not Planning Ahead

The vast majority of people who are caring for elderly or chronically ill loved ones will wait for a crisis to force them to make a decision about hospice care in Ontario, California. That’s understandable. It’s not easy to make a decision about how to provide care for a loved one. It’s much easier to … Continue reading